Webcast Replay: Turning Investment and Planning Roadblocks into Roadmaps

Webcast Replay: Turning Investment and Planning Roadblocks into Roadmaps




Turning Investment Roadblocks into Roadmaps

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Hosted by The Rawls Group - Business Succession Planners and Bernstein Private Wealth Management.

Entrepreneurs we meet often struggle with turning their vision into reality. Market fluctuations, cash flow, capital expenditures, family, ability to recruit and retain top talent, and a litany of other influences quickly take the business off course. Common questions we hear are:

  • How do I overcome roadblocks to grow my business and increase value?  
  • How can I feed the golden goose while also building personal wealth independent from the business?
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IRS 2704 Proposed Regulations - Significant Impact on Family Business Succession Planning

The Internal Revenue Service has proposed regulation changes that impact tax consequences of stock gifts or sales to family members in a family business environment. As a result, the valuation discounts that have been a cornerstone to family business succession planning may no longer be available for certain transfers. These changes could go into effect as soon as the next 120 days

Due to the extreme change the IRS proposed legislation will have on the family business planning environment, we asked our general counsel, ShuffieldLowman, to provide an Advisory Notice detailing the impact IRS 2704 would have on planning and potential outcomes.

As always, if you should have any questions, please call us at 407-578-4455 or contact your succession planner.

Proposed Regulations Eliminate Discounts 

Bill Lowman, Shuffield Lowman Attorneys and Advisors

The Internal Revenue Service closely scrutinizes transfers between family members of stock, units, and partnership interests (“Stock”) in any corporation, limited liability company, or partnership that is family-owned (a “Family Business”). The Service has announced proposed regulations that eliminates the use of valuation discounts that would otherwise decrease the estate and gift tax value of such Stock when transferred by sale or gift to family members. If any of your clients are considering a gift or sale of Stock in a Family Business, they may want to consider taking action right away to implement the planning.

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Accountants and Business Succession Planning, What's Their Role?

As a dedicated business succession planner my most important role is team facilitator. My role is to ensure that my clients have a complete planning team that represents the necessary disciplines needed to accomplish business succession, and that the team has the appropriate vision and works together effectively. Just like operating a successful business, business succession planning requires ultimate team work.

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Accountants and Business Succession Planning – How to Get More Involved

I am fortunate to have many wonderful relationships with my clients' accountants. We take a sincere interest in the each other's welfare and they recognize the high degree of personal gratification I receive from significantly impacting their clients' succession planning. The conversation often includes them telling me, "Loyd, you are doing what I have been wanting to do." So in addition to being asked my opinion of an accountant's role in succession planning, I am also asked if an accountant can be a succession planner

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Accountants and Business Succession Planning – How to Become a Succession Planner

 Accountants who seek new challenges and opportunities can be full-time dedicated succession planners. In fact there are many progressive accounting firms that have partners dedicated to being proactive in succession planning. These specialists within the accounting firm work with existing clientele and also serve as an independent profit center as they pursue new clients outside the realm of the current client base. Minimally, succession planning specialists within an accounting firm boost partner-level revenue and score project opportunities for other specialists in their practice like business valuations, feasibility studies, and research projects which are part and parcel to succession planning.

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