As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report - Operations and Lending Impact Business Value

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report - Operations and Lending Impact Business Value

The last installment of this series is focused on lending and operations, and their importance in driving value in the business. In the first three articles, we focused on the overall value drivers in the business and then broke them down into the first two core value drivers of leadership and relationships. There is no question that leadership and relationships are the most critical value foundation of the business. However, the other two pillars are just as important to driving value in your multi-unit franchise organization:


Banks are going to want to know how strong your business is before they choose to invest in it (and you). When it comes to banks looking at the value of your franchise operation, they take into consideration subjective conclusions of borrowing capacity based on various criteria, including the three V’s of leadership:

  • Vision – Do you have a clear plan for use of borrowed capital? 
  • Values – Is there a positive impression of core values, character, etc?
  • Victories – Is there a track record of business successes that include borrowing money

It is important to understand that the bank’s impression of the business mission, strategic plan, character, competency, commitment of management and ownership continuity as they generally reflect on the bank’s confidence in your long-term business plan.


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