Whether your long-term goal is to sell to a third party, key manager(s) or keep the business in the family, our decades of experience will streamline the process, efficiently handling all details that impact the value of your business and its ongoing success.

As succession planners, we love what we do and the difference we make. We like to think that we’re good at what we do for the same reasons you are good at what you do: because of passion, experience, dedication, and hard work.


Diversity of Expertise

Expertise about interpersonal-management to business-financial issues is necessary for addressing your succession planning goals.  

Our diverse group of skilled professionals partner with you and your advisors to create the team you need to guide your business to long-term success. 



Planning Philosophy

Succession planning is a lot more than adopting a new will, developing trusts, buy-sells and an insurance policy to pay estate taxes.

It is a proactive process that creates a resilient foundation for long-term success while building business value today


Time Tested Experience

Since 1973, we have been passionate about impacting lives and perpetuating legacies of family and privately held businesses.

We have helped over 500 businesses across the nation from a diversity of industry backgrounds achieve their succession planning goals.