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This is all that we do.  Our number one focus is the continuity of the ownership, leadership, management and culture of your business through the next generation.


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  • I have a CPA and Attorney, what value do you bring, do you replace them?
  • I am thinking of selling, what is the value of succession planning?
  • My kids are young, should I be thinking about this?
  • When do I need to begin succession planning?



The Rawls Group to Present at Digital Dealer 19 Conference and Expo

The Rawls Group announces that they will be presenting at the Digital Dealer 19 Conference and Expo being held in Las Vegas October 5-7th, 2015.

In the session titled ““Family Business Heartburn Relief – How to Overcome Family Issues Impacting Business Decisions”, Hugh Roberts and Champ Rawls will speak on how to integrate next generation family members with out disrupting the management team and performance.

"Most often poor communication, mismatched expectations and inter-personal conflict are the underlying issues that tear successful family owned dealerships apart.Family business is an oxymoron. Family is an environment of unconditional love and acceptance and business is an environment of what have you done for me lately. As a result, you can't run a family like a dealership and you can't run a dealership like a family. Therefore, finding balance between family and business requires constant attention to building communication and trust amongst employed family members, inactive family, managers, and ownership," says Loyd H. Rawls CEO of The Rawls Group.

To learn more about the session or to register for the conference, visit: